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Fresh Pine Wreaths

Yes, you can buy a wreath at every supermarket and big box hardware store, but have you ever tried making one by yourself. It's surprisingly easy, and oh, the smell of fresh cut pine is just heavenly. I've made lots of different kinds of wreaths over the years, from the incredibly difficult pine cone wreath that took hours and just about all my patience to make, to grape vine wreaths that are simple and elegant. But nothing is prettier than a fresh pine wreath. Make one for the doors, or one for each window in your home. These beautiful wreaths add so much elegance to your holiday decorating! They'll keep for the most of the winter in cold climates too. Simply remove the red ribbon and add a snowman figurine or ornament.

What you need:

Fresh pine garland of choice
Red velveteen ribbon or ready made red bow
Fresh holly leaves
Fresh berries of choice
floral wire [heavy]
Wire coat hanger [must be heavy weight hanger]
Cutters or small saw to cut garland

How to:

Shape your wire coat hanger into a circle. If your hanger is not strong, you may need to use 2 or three together to hold the weight of the wreath. The coat hanger hook will be your hanger. If you require several hangers, wire them together in a few places to make the assembly easier. This wreath will be very heavy, so be sure that your wire can support the pine.

Starting at one end of your garland, secure the garland to the coat hanger with wire. Wrap the garland around your hanger, securing often with wire. Be sure that the garland is completely secure to the hanger. If you hang this on a door that will be opened and closed often the garland will shift and may even slip out of the wire, so take extra care when securing to hanger.

Using wire, attached small pieces of fresh holly and berries or hot glue the berries to wreath. I prefer to use wire only as the hot glue can sometimes leave a burn/scorch mark when applied to the fresh garland.

Wire a red ribbon to the bottom center and you are all finished. I don't usually keep the garland for future use, but I do keep the berries and holly once they have dried for other projects or to be inserted into a new wreath the following year.

These are wonderful wreaths that can be used all winter long and if kept outside they will last for the whole season. They become a little brittle and some pines will fall, but they still remain beautiful.

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